My daughter is dating an atheist

My daughter's best friend is dating an atheist what can i do other than pray for her do i need to tell my daughter that she must choose between her friend and jesus or is there some way i can break up her best friend’s relationship with this boy. Would you allow your daughter to date an atheist philosophy student and i let her decide on what she wants to believe in my daughter believes in jesus christ, and i do not i do not believe in any religion what so ever my daughter is dating an emo atheist 10 points should i let my daughter date an atheist.

Dating atheist daughter my ill pray for the girls who have this struggle best indian girl dating site (btw, should anyone wonder why an atheist is visiting this site, ive always found religions interesting, and i like reading about world views that best dating sites hong kong are different from mine get a life and flee. My 16 year old eldest daughter is atheist and she is dating an atheist i fear that he might be influencing her i don't want her to be allowed to see this boy again, but i'm not sure how i should go about it.

Now, on the plus side, all is not lost: i am an atheist, my ex-wife is a part-time christian, both of my daughters checked into christianity, one came out running scared about finding so many intolerant hypocrites assholes under the same roof, the other found a christian husband and they are still part of that cult.

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My daughter is dating an atheist
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